Questions from Parents to Preschool Teachers

Answered by our own Ms. Karen and Ms. Katie

What are some important lessons that my child is learning in preschool this year?

    • How to make friends
    • How to communicate needs and desires
    • Creativity
    • Problem solving: social, emotional and cognitive
    • How to take risks with learning and try new things
    • Appropriately and effectively communicating needs, wants, and ideas within a variety of social contexts
    • Standing up for rights of self/others
    • Building content knowledge through exposure, repetition and layered learning (scaffolding)

How can I support my child’s development this year?

    • Connect with them
    • Make time for them
    • Believe in all that they are and will be
    • Positive reinforcement
    • See the world from your child’s perspective, and use it as an opportunity to support them
    • Be patient
    • Love, love, love them

What skills do you expect the students to have by the end of the year?

Taken from Colorado State Standards-Reading, Writing, Communicating; Mathematics, Science and Social Studies

    • Draw pictures to generate, represent, and express ideas or share information
    • Orally describe or tell about a picture
    • Use shapes, letter-like symbols, and letters to represent words or ideas
    • Dictate ideas to an adult
    • Begin to develop proper pencil grip when drawing or writing
    • Write and recognize letters in own name
    • Understand the difference between a question and a statement
    • Begin to identify key features of reality versus fantasy in stories, pictures, and events
    • Identify information that is relevant
    • Generate questions and investigate answers about topics of interest
    • Gather relevant information and apply it to their problem-solving process or current event
    • Seek and generate alternative approaches to solving problems
    • Count and represent objects including coins to 10
    • Match a quantity with a numeral
    • Match, sort, group and name basic shapes found in the natural environment
    • Sort similar groups of objects into simple categories based on attributes
    • Use words to describe attributes of objects
    • Follow directions to arrange, order, or position objects
    • Describe the order of common events
    • Group objects according to their size using standard and non-standard forms (height, weight, length, or color brightness) of measurement
    • Sort coins by physical attributes such as color or size
    • Use senses to gather information about Earth’s materials
    • Make simple observations, explanations, and generalizations about Earth’s materials based on real life experiences
    • Describe how various materials might be used based on characteristics or properties
    • Identify, predict, and extend patterns based on observations and representations of objects in the sky, daily weather, and seasonal changes
    • Observe and describe patterns observed over the course of a number of days and nights, possibly including differences in the activities or appearance of plants and animals
    • Explain that groups have rules
    • Recognize interpersonal boundaries
    • Exert self-control
    • Interact positively with others
    • Give examples of some rules that are permanent and some that change
    • Recognize membership in family, neighborhood, school, team, and various other groups and organizations
    • Name groups to which they belong and identify the leader(s)
    • Identify examples of times when people can play different roles and bring unique talents to a variety of groups

What activities can I do at home to help my child prepare for Kindergarten?

    • READ, READ, READ! And then read some more! Read the same books to them and let them retell them to you!
    • Write down the stories they dictate to you!
    • Practice fine motor…holding a pencil
    • Expose them to a variety of experiences
    • Give them responsibilities at home
    • Have fun! They will be in school for MANY years to come!



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