Cold Weather Activities

Winter’s chilly arrival often serves us with a reminder of just how essential outdoor playtime is to growing children. We’re all familiar with the tell-tale signs of children in need of an outlet! But with minimal prep, you can easily create an indoor adventure that is sure to satisfy your child’s creative needs. If you could use some fresh ideas, one or more of the fun activities below may be just the cure for the indoor-bound blues.

Bathtub Play

  • Take a long bath with lots of toys! Try mixing shaving cream and food coloring to create fun paint that washes easily without staining your tub. Another way to create fun with colors is to make a floating rainbow of ice cubes tinted with food coloring.
  • Or… fill the bathtub with snow to bring the outdoors in!

In the Playroom

  • Attach chalkboard contact paper or craft paper to a wall or table, and voilà! A mural is waiting to be created.
  • Make a balance beam out of a length of 4×4 wood, found at any home improvement store. This is an excellent indoor physical activity!
  • Film a movie! Make a film set with hung bed sheets and let the child(ren) choose some creative props. “Command” hooks can be used with rubber bands or clothes pins to hang the sheets. Film the production with your camera or phone.
  • Build a fort! Nothing gets a child’s adventurous wheels turning like creating their own world under cover. Be sure to check out this couch-cushion version.
  • Create something magical with decorated paper towel tubes! An entire city can be created with nothing more than your weekly discards and some imagination. We like this simple but fantastic castle.
  • Try a magazine scavenger hunt! Provide old magazines and child-safe scissors. Ask your child to create a story with the images they cut out, or have them search for a list of specific items.

Fun in the Kitchen

  • Bake something delicious together! Let them try a simple traditional recipe, or a hands-on no bake treat. This butterscotch haystack recipe is fun and easy, and can be made without nuts if needed.
  • Papier-mâché is a very messy but hugely rewarding craft activity! There are no limits to what your child can create, from animals to ships to tea-sets! Here’s a recipe to get you started. A tip: rather than cutting the newspaper strips, tear them. The rough edges create a sturdier bond. 

With so many incredible things to do, you just might find yourself looking forward to the next sub-zero day! If you have a sure-fire activity idea to share, please do so in the comments below!


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