Enrollment Process & Annual Lottery

Children are placed in classes for the following school year through a lottery system. A non-refundable Lottery Fee must be paid and an application completed for each student (including twins) to participate.

Complete the Lottery form online and submit it at any time during the open lottery time-frame. The exact time the form is submitted has no bearing on your placement in the Lottery, only that it is submitted within the open dates (i.e. the Lottery is NOT first-come, first-served). On the Lottery application you indicate your first, second, third, and in some cases a fourth, day/time preference for classes.

Your application is then put into a pool of applications for each of the classes you selected. All applications are randomly assigned a number which determines the order of final class rosters and waitlists.

Preference is given in the following order of status:

  1. Current families/Staff Children
  2. Siblings of Current Students
  3. Children of Alumni/Alumni Families (This means, past DCP students, their siblings, or the children of past DCP students)
  4. Church members
  5. New families

Students who are not placed in a class are automatically put on a Waitlist for all classes they preferenced. This process starts over each school year. Waitlists are not carried over from year-to-year. You must re-apply each year.


Your waitlist application will be processed in the order it is received. Openings in all classes are filled from the waitlist through February 1, 2021 or at the Director’s discretion. DCP will email you if a spot becomes available for your child and you will have 48 hours to accept or decline the offer. We do fill from the Waitlist throughout the year and in some years have exhausted the Waitlist for some classes.

Your application will be kept on the waitlist until February 1, 2021. You are welcome to contact us to check your waitlist status. DCP waitlists are not carried over from year-to-year; you must re-apply each year.

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Confidential scholarships are available based on family need. A significant amount of revenue raised through DCP fundraising events is set aside for this type of assistance.

Denver Cooperative Preschool is also part of the Denver Preschool Program, which provides a monthly tuition credit to qualified families who have a child in his or her last year of preschool before being age eligible for kindergarten.

More on Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

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