You were offered a spot! Now what?

If you are offered a spot through the Lottery or from a Waitlist, you need to confirm your enrollment to secure the spot and then complete all other required paperwork and deposits for your child to attend school. The following covers those steps. Please call the school at 303-777-6867 if you have any questions.

 Step 1: Confirm Your Enrollment and Secure Your Spot*

$175 (See Fee Schedule)
Due March 15th  for all current, returning families, or new families who were offered a spot at the time of the 2018-2019 lottery.

*If you receive an enrollment offer AFTER March 15th, 2018, your Enrollment Confirmation Fee will be due within 10 days of the initial offer.

This fee is non-refundable. We will send you an email confirming the class placement with a link to the online Enrollment Confirmation Form where you can pay the Enrollment Fee. If you do not receive this email, please call the school; the Enrollment Confirmation Form is not available on this site.

 Step 2: Complete the Enrollment Information Forms*

Every Summer, we send DCP families this set of enrollment forms to pave the way for the opening of the following school year. Please be considerate of the stated deadlines since all forms need to be processed and made available to teachers and staff before school begins. For your child’s health and safety, certain forms are required by the State to be on file in order for your student to attend class. As you proceed through the online forms, there will be a lot of information to process. Please take your time and be sure to read each screen page from top to bottom so you will be aware of what is expected of you and your family in the upcoming year.

All enrollment forms for the 2018-2019 school year must be completed and received by July 1, 2018. Please make sure you have all of your personal, medical and emergency information available so that you can fill the forms out completely.

The links for the enrollment forms are below. Currently enrolled families should also receive an email with a direct link to all necessary enrollment forms.

  1. Student Enrollment Package — complete for EACH CHILD
  2. Family Enrollment Package — complete ONCE per family

 Step 3: Pay your First/Last Months' Tuition and Facilities Fee

$75 Facilities Fee, Tuition Based on Specific Class (See Fee Schedule)
Due within 10 days of acceptance of a spot that has been offered to you.

These fees are non-refundable. They should be paid by check and dropped off or mailed to the school. If you applied to the Denver Preschool Program for Pre-K and have been approved, your first/last payment should reflect your monthly tuition credit.

 Step 4: Submit your Child's Medical/Health Forms

Due July 1st or upon acceptance of the spot.

These forms can be mailed or dropped off at the school.

This set of forms includes the following:

  1. The Child’s General Health Appraisal Form* filled out by your child’s doctor
  2. A Proof of Immunization Card (or Waiver, if applicable)* filled out by your child’s doctor
    • Please read our policy and procedures for student immunization records HERE.
  3. A completed copy of the DCP “Topical Preparations Permission Form” filled out by a parent

**No student will be allowed to begin attending school until we have these medical forms on file. All forms must be filled out as completely and accurately as possible in order to satisfy our requirements for attendance.

*This information is kept on file and tracked by your child’s birth date, expiring annually based on your child’s birth date. If your child has a birthday during the school year, you will be asked to submit an updated set of the Health Appraisal and Immunization Form to the school. Please plan to take the paperwork to your doctor during your child’s annual exam. Many families make a copy of the forms after well-visits to use throughout the year.

**If your child has allergies or food sensitivities, additional paperwork will be necessary before your child can begin attending classes.

  • We will need a copy of your child’s current allergy care plan that explains your child’s allergy, symptoms of exposure, treatment, and any necessary rescue medications that has been signed by a primary health care provider in addition to the above forms.

Please contact Mary in the office with any questions at 303-777-6867.

Parent-Tot families: please note the revised and increased schedule for form submission before the age of two.