Lottery Results

2017-2018 Lottery Results

You should have received an email with your family’s results from our 2017-2018 annual lottery.


*Please be aware that with certain email clients, DCP’s admissions/enrollment emails will end up in the spam or junk folders if the subject line contains the word “lottery”, so don’t forget to check there too!*

This email included a password to open the following documents:

Parent Toddler Class/Wait Lists



2/3 Class/Wait Lists



3/4 Class/Wait Lists



Pre-K Class/Wait Lists



* The 1:30 Parent Toddler Class for the 2017-2018 school year currently has two openings. If you (or anyone else you know!) are interested, you will need to join the wait list beginning on February 27th 2017.

** In order to accommodate all of our returning DCP students wishing to be enrolled in Pre-K at this time, we have had to over-enroll both the AM and the PM classes. We do anticipate enough movement on these class lists that the class sizes will be lower by the time school starts in September.

The Pre-K classroom is licensed for 24 students, and we will make adjustments accordingly prior to the start of school. DCP prides itself on maintaining Pre-K class sizes that are closer to 20 students, and we will keep this goal top of mind as we are making further adjustments to both class lists.

***If you have any questions regarding your lottery results or the waitlist process, you can check out our Lottery FAQ section here, or feel free to contact our Assistant Director, Mary Nelson at or our Director, Janee McConnell at You can also try reaching us in the office at 303-777-6867.