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Playdough Recipe

This is NOT a gluten-free recipe. Review the helpful tips at the bottom before getting started. Blend dry ingredients in a bowl (whisking works well): 3 cups flour ¾ cup salt 2.5oz (7½ tbsp) Cream of Tartar Boil 3 cups water Add 6 tbsp vegetable oil *Mix water/oil mixture with the dry ingredients and knead Be creative! You can also mix in things like Koolaid

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DCP Helping Parent “Top Ten”

Please plan to come 10 minutes early and stay 10 minutes late. Your teachers really rely on having an extra set of hands in the classroom during these times just before and after class! NO CELL PHONES! Ask questions! The teachers are happy to help you with any questions you may have whether it’s about where to find a clean towel to wipe up

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