Confidence and Cooperation

DCP’s classes for two/three-year-olds offer a fun learning experience that captivates eager minds. This is the youngest group at DCP in which the children attend class without their parents. Children look forward to their day at preschool, however if separating is an issue, it is handled with a team approach. The teacher and parent work together to make transitions as easy as possible.

The teachers are well versed in the developmental needs of children in this age group. They understand that children are in different stages of being potty trained (and that some have not started) and gracefully accommodate all children’s needs. Teachers create a warm learning environment, using open-ended themes that relate to the interests of the individuals in their class and the world around them. The classrooms are stimulating and challenging to ensure each child a platform for growth, exploration and creativity. Sensory experiences abound, along with dramatic play areas to grow imaginations.

See the tuition schedule for specific class rates.


Ages Served

Two years old as of September 1st

Class Days/Times

Mon/Wed AM 8:30 – 11:30a
Mon/Wed PM 12:30 – 3:30p
Tue/Thur AM 8:30 – 11:30a
Tue/Thur PM 12:30 – 3:30p

Teacher:Child Ratio

3 adults:12 children


By the end of the year, children feel secure and confident in the classroom environment. They will have also gained self-confidence through their ability to easily separate from parents. They will move from independent play toward cooperative play while gaining friendships along the way. Progress occurs in fine-tuning small- and large-motor skills, following directions, listening to stories in a group, and participating in music and movement activities.


  • Farms/Harvest
  • Seasons
  • Space
  • Families
  • Cooking
  • Holidays
  • Oceans
  • Rodeo

 Class Routine

  • Free-Choice Play Time
  • Clean Up
  • Circle Time
  • Snack Time
  • Outside Play

Once a week a music teacher comes to class for 20 minutes of music and movement activities.