Free Form Friday

Free Form Friday (FFF) is available to children ages 3-5 years and is a time to explore beyond the curriculum taught during regular classes, guided by the group’s curiosity and interests. FFF focuses on enrichment topics such as art, movement, language, and outdoor experiences and does not require a parent helper. In this class, we hope to explore many things that will take us far beyond the four walls of our classroom.

Recent topics introduced by the children and covered in the class:

    • Question of the day
    • Favorite things
    • Nature-based activities
    • Our very own rules and learning about being a part of a democratic community
    • Community helpers
    • Building
    • Life in other countries
    • Writing stories
    • Dreams

Free Form Friday is offered from 8:30am to 12:30pm on Friday and includes time for lunch. See the tuition schedule for specific class rates.

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