Social, Emotional and Academic Growth

DCP’s Pre-K class provides many opportunities for children to explore and learn. Our well-equipped learning centers are designed to expand childhood play, building a strong foundation for future academic achievement. The teachers and parent helper realize and celebrate each child’s social, emotional and academic growth.

The program fosters many skills in a dynamic and planned play environment:

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    • Pre-reading: phonemic awareness, letter recognition, story composition through dictation, writing and recognizing names
    • Math: pattern making, understanding the meaning of numerals, sequencing and rhythm
    • Introductory science concepts: weather, plant/animal life, gravity and cooking
    • Creativity: music, movement, arts and crafts

See the tuition schedule for specific class rates.


Ages Served

Four years old as of October 1st

Class Days/Times

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur AM
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur PM

Teacher:Child Ratio

3 adults:18 children

*With the addition of Free Form Friday on Friday mornings from 8:30a-12:30p, Pre-K is available 5 days a week.


By the end of the year, children are familiar with a variety of literature, math concepts, writing skills and world awareness. Pre-reading opportunities, sensory experiences, increased expectations for self control and ample practice in building friendships are also fostered. Self-directed play in the classroom encourages social interactions with peers and reinforces negotiation and cooperation skills. Children begin to understand their own feelings and those of others, while developing the skills to express them in a socially acceptable manner. Friendships are built through shared experiences both inside and outside the classroom.


  • Human Body
  • Farm to Table
  • Famous Artists
  • World Travel
  • Friendship
  • Insects
  • Africa
  • Recycling

 Class Routine

  • Circle Time
  • Free-Choice Play Time
  • Clean Up
  • Snack Time
  • Outside Play
  • Goodbye Circle

Once a week a music teacher comes to class for 20 minutes of music and movement activities.

 DPP & Colorado Shines

DCP is part of the Denver Preschool Program (DPP) and received a 3-star rating from Colorado Shines. Colorado Shines is an independent and objective rating system that measures the quality of the learning environment, the program’s family partnerships, the training and education of program staff, the adult-to-child ratio and group size in classrooms, and whether a program is nationally accredited. DPP is a tuition credit program for families and quality improvement resource for preschools. It is open and voluntary for all Denver children the year before they are eligible for kindergarten.