Governing Board

Governing Board Structure

The preschool is managed by a Governing Board (also known as the Board of Directors). Each position is a two year term, with the exception of the President-Elect, President and Past President which are each held for one year.  The members of the Governing Board are voted on annually by the parent body at the Spring All Parent Meeting.  Anyone interested in being a part of the Governing Board is welcome to join. 
Every January, the President-Elect will form the Nomination Committee and advertise open positions for the following school year in the Weekly Blast, parent pockets or public posting as deemed appropriate. Nominees are to write a letter to the Nomination Committee that explains why they would like to perform the duties of the specific Governing Board position. Nominees will also ask one DCP teacher and one DCP community member to write a letter of recommendation. In the case of two or more people interested in the same position, the nominees’ letters and letters of recommendation will be given to the Governing Board to decide who will perform the duties of that specific position for the following school year. The Nomination Committee consists of the President-Elect, a DCP teacher, and two or three community members.


President – Takes the lead on the supervision and management of the business operations of the Governing Board. Chairs meetings of the Governing Board. Serves as chairperson of the Personnel Committee. Takes responsibility for Governing Board development. Makes sure all committee chairs are training their committee members. Works closely with the Director and Assistant Director to ensure long-term viability of the school. Meets weekly with the Personnel Committee. Attends all Governing Board meetings.

Gregg Gibb,

President-Elect – Supports the President and, in his/her absence, performs the duties of the President. Assumes a “president-in-training” role. Exercises oversight of the Vice President of Communications and Classroom Coordinator. Serves as the Chair of the Nominating Committee.  Meets weekly with the Personnel Committee. Attends all Governing Board meetings. 

Jennifer Goodman,

Director – Takes responsibility for program development including curriculum, staff professional development and training, and parent and community education. Oversees the hiring, development, and evaluation of staff. Ensures smooth daily operations of the school and supports currently enrolled and prospective families. Oversees the admissions process, led by the Assistant Director. Attends all Executive Committee and Governing Board meetings. 

Mary Nelson can be reached at

Assistant Director – Administers and maintains the admissions process. Supports currently enrolled and prospective families and the Executive Director, as needed. Maintains all records that pertain to students, families, and the facility. If the position of Assistant Director is not currently filled, the Director assumes these responsibilities. Attends all Executive Committee and Governing Board meetings. 

Katie Sullivan can be reached at

Secretary – Oversees and interprets all legal matters to the Governing Board. Records the minutes of the Governing Board meetings. Ensures compliance with bylaws and acts as custodian of the corporate records. Works with Office Manager and community members to track all volunteer hours on a monthly basis to ensure engagement and family cooperative duties are met.  Attends all Governing Board meetings.

Alexis Cobb,

Treasurer – Oversees all financial matters to ensure financial stability of the school. Has ultimate responsibility for all funds through chairing the Finance Committee. Takes the lead on developing the budget with staff needs in mind and assists the board in reviewing it for approval. Meets monthly with the office manager. Attends all Governing Board meetings.

Melissa Quirk,

Vice President of Facilities – Oversees the work of the Facilities Co-Chairs and Facilities Committee at large. Plans and organizes cleanup days and maintenance of the school. Attends all Governing Board meetings.

Robin Miller,

Past President – Supports the President and Governing Board with focused efforts on continuing or special projects for the school.  The presence of the Past President also provides greater longevity and context on decisions of the recent past for new Governing Board members.

Alexis Cobb,

Vice President of Fundraising – Supervises and coordinates all aspects of fundraising. Oversees the Social Fundraising, Colorado Gives Day and Auction Committees. Attends all Governing Board meetings.

Katie Fogerty,

Vice President of Communications – Responsible for all systems of communication within the Denver Cooperative Preschool parent body as well as managing the marketing and publicity of the school to the broader community. Attends all Executive Committee and Governing Board meetings. 

Jenny Peterson,

Staff Representative – Represents the staff on the Governing Board. Attends all Governing Board meetings.  

Jade Anderson,