Is DCP a good fit for me?

DCP is a big commitment for a family. We fully expect that what most people witness going on in our classrooms looks fun, engaging and appealing to them. Equally as important is what goes on outside the classroom: a family’s investment and experience, and the partnership with the staff and school community.

A huge part of our culture is the connection between school and families, which encompasses the play-based philosophy, the cooperative spirit, daily operations and our future growth. We are prepared to give you and your child so much while you are here, but we do expect your enthusiastic involvement in return. This is after all, what has made our school great for over 50 years! All we ask is that you look around our school, ask questions and investigate other preschools to make sure that this is a good fit.

The following statements are meant to be an inventory of the core values and spirit of our school and our community. We hope that you are able to answer an emphatic, “Yes!” to every one!

Play-Based Education

    • I think that kids should be encouraged to explore in a world that is mindfully designed just for them, and I will be a guest in their world when I’m at DCP.
    • I am ok with my child getting messy in the classroom; this shows that they have been allowed to learn about the world around them in ways that suit them best. I am willing to roll up my sleeves and make that happen for my child and his peers.
    • Self-created play for children is neither a luxury nor is it a waste of time. It is a basic mode of learning and children have a need to play.
    • It is OK for my child to take risks and explore at his own pace.
    • Self-discovery and experiential learning are part of the educational philosophy that I value.
    • I think that both social and emotional confidence are vital for my child and I prefer an educational approach that takes this into account.
    • I recognize that my child will be building the foundations for literacy, math and other important learning objectives by “just playing” and being exposed to these things in a variety of developmentally appropriate ways. In fact, it is my preference that it is done this way.
    • The more children learn from their own play when they are younger, the better prepared they are to learn from academic instruction when they are older.
    • I would like to do all I can to preserve and celebrate this significant time of early childhood for my child and all children at DCP by embracing the play based philosophy and trusting it completely.

Parent and Community Involvement

    • I am not interested in a purely “drop off” kind of program. I would prefer to stay and dive in, letting my child and the DCP teachers guide me along the way!
    • I am looking forward to being actively involved in my child’s school, as a regularly scheduled parent helper in class. I realize that the opportunity to do so is very special for both me and my child.
    • I want to meet other parents and be part of a larger, active and engaged community. This is beneficial to my family – friends for my child, and support for me. Being involved in this community is just as important as what is being explored in the classroom.
    • I understand that serving on a committee is an integral part of what makes this school successful. I have no problem making time to do my committee work whenever I am needed. I am comfortable investing my own time and expertise to help sustain and improve the school.
    • I think it is important for my child to see me actively participating at her school, even in ways that do not impact her personally (cleaning, doing repairs, helping school staff with special projects, or alphabetizing the library etc.)
    • I realize that it might be out of my comfort zone or knowledge base to do some things that are asked of me at DCP, but I am signing on for a family journey and I expect to grow while I try new things. I will also leverage my strengths when I can.
    • I can commit at least one Saturday morning to a School Clean Up Day (during the school year) in order to show my support and do my part in keeping the school healthy and safe for everyone! I am aware that the School Clean Up Days are another community building opportunity for parents and a great “hands-on” way for us to be involved.
    • Our family will help out in the fundraising efforts of the school. I value the fact that the school is able to add to its wonderful programming and offer scholarships because of these efforts.
    • I can commit to attending both the Fall and Spring All Parent Meetings.