Jan Price

Office Manager

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Lake Forest and moved to Denver when I was in my. 20s. My two children attended DCP and I taught at DCP in the late 1990s  and now I am back as the office manager. I’ve spent the last eight years working as an office manager for DPS. I love working in an educational setting. I can’t think of another job that is seasonal, ends in May and you start a new year in the fall and I get to work with kids.

You can find me walking my dog Edie along 7th Avenue every morning or in Cheesman Park on the weekends. I have two sons. Phil is 34, got married last fall and lives in Austin, TX (a fun town to visit). Charlie is 31 and lives and works in Denver. My favorite thing to do when I was young was to play teacher and write on a blackboard and I always wanted to be a teacher and I always wanted to have children of my own.

I am really happy to be back at the DCP and look forward to meeting all of you and your families!