Katie Sullivan

Assistant Director

Katie is the Assistant Director of DCP and has worked in education since graduating from CU with a BA in Psychology. She is a graduate of the Stanley British Primary Teacher Residency Program and has been a teacher at DCP for the past 16 years having taught 2/3’s, 3/4’s, Pre K. Katie believes that the best way children learn is through play and exploration. Honoring each child where they are in their development sets the foundation for successful learning for a lifetime.

Where did you grow up?:  Actually, I grew up in the hood in about as many as 5 different houses throughout this neighborhood.  I attended Dora Moore Elementary, Morey Middle School, East High School.  I actually used to have Colorado Children’s Chorale rehearsals in the downstairs Fellowship Hall of DCP when I was in elementary.  In those days children ran freely about in the streets!!

How long have you been working with children/teaching?: The only job I ever held growing up before college was babysitting.  I loved it!  After I graduated from CU, I took a job as a teacher’s assistant at Denver Place Montessori downtown, and then at Denver Tech Center Montessori.  I decided to get my teacher license through the Stanley British Teacher Program and was hired upon completion to teach at Paddington Station.  After having my third child a neighbor asked me to come to DCP and see if I would like to work there. YES!!

What led you to a career in education?: Well, I started “teaching” my cousins who moved here from Greece when I was 9, and I helped them learn English.  My Aunt wanted me to tutor them over summer. Teaching was always something I had an interest in.  I also enjoyed teaching diving as a young teenager at a summer pool.

What is your favorite thing about working at DCP?:  I love everything about DCP!! The children, play-based learning, my teaching cohorts, the cooperative DCP community!!!  I guess what I love most is watching the children grow and their literal candidness. I am a kid at heart, so its’s nice to be in their presence.

What is your favorite thing to do in the classroom?: Circle time is one of my favorite thing to do in the classroom because the children (usually) love it and the things they say are priceless!

What are your hobbies or passions outside of DCP?: I love to ski, play tennis, road cycle, hike, and hang with my family!

Where can we find you in Denver (favorite spots/hangouts/places to visit): Lowry Beer Garden, Esters, Biking the South Platt, walking my dogs at the Cherry Creek Dog Park, sitting in my adirondack chair relaxing on porch…

Tell us about your family:  I married my “high-school sweet-heart” Bob.  He was a student at Manual High School and I at East High School.  Back in those days the two schools had a blended lacrosse team and we all practiced at City Park.  We caught each others’ eyes and so the story goes.  We now are the proud parents of bouncy baby Man Boys.  Cannon age 22 is a Jr. Tennis Coach at our swim club and is an avid reader and heavy metal savant.  Brodie is our 19 yr old who is a talented glass artist, and Porter is our 17 yr.old who has entered his senior year in high school!  We all live happily together in the home that my husband grew up in!

What did you want to be when you grew up?: Many things, as I had high aspirations!  I wanted to be the following: a teacher, professional race car driver, veterinarian, rock star singer, fireman, and a mommy! Two came true.

What do you remember most about being a young child?: I remember that a yucky school experience can stick with you for life in a negative way and that feeling loved and appreciated by my teachers meant the world to me.  I also remember the freedom my parents allowed us to take risks.  We were free to wander, explore, and make discoveries on our own.

What was your favorite thing to do as a child?: I loved searching for sea glass on the beach.  I love the beach and I really miss it dearly!

Anything else you want to add about yourself: I’m a goofball