Michelle Cory

Parent-Tot Lead Teacher

I am a 3rd generation Coloradoan, I have been working with children for 10 years and teaching at DCP for 3 years. My children and the love of little people has lead me to a career in education. I enjoy the integration and development of our most precious gift, our kids. The play-based curriculum, encouraging enhanced development, and seeing what kids create are a few of my favorite things about DCP. I enjoy creating all sensory experiences that make a big mess! Whether, it’s using toy cars to paint or cooked colored noodles to mush, It’s all about fun and exciting ways to use everyday materials creatively.

I love to hike 14ners, ski, and cherish the simple moments with my family. I have a a 15 year old, Jay and a 16 year old, Lilly. They brought me to DCP as a parent and now they attend East High school with life long friends they met in Parent Tot. We love to eat at Tag burger and you will usually find us at one of the dog parks in the evenings with our husky mix, Yeti. My husband and I just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.

I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up and loved to play dress up with my friend, Julie. I met Julie when I was 4 and we still laugh about all the wonderful things we did together in preschool.