Cooperative Structure

Governing Board

DCP is managed by a governing board consisting of  President, President Elect, VP of Planning, VP of Operations, Secretary, Treasurer, standing committee chairs, and class representatives.

Advisory Board

The preschool has a voluntary advisory board made up of professionals in education, medicine, psychology and related fields. They are available for general or specific consultations.


The governing board employs one full time Executive Director to help families oversee the day-to-day operations of the school, ensure the quality of the program offerings, provide staff development and work closely with the governing board and parent body to guarantee the high quality of the program and the longevity of DCP. Our Executive Director is Mary Nelson.


Teachers in a cooperative preschool are both the employees of the parents and their supervisors in the classroom. The teacher is responsible for planning and carrying out the classroom program. The teachers hold parent conferences at the end of each semester for the 2/3s, 3/4s, and Pre-Ks, and they are always available for informal consultation.


When you enroll your child in the DCP, you become one of the member families who owns and administers the preschool. Every DCP family is involved in the operation of school as a board member or as a member of a committee. Parents are also expected to help in their child’s classroom on a rotating basis.


Most of the DCP’s organizational achievements come through the work of parents in committees. For example: the Outdoor Committee maintains and improves the school’s playgrounds; the Auction Committee organizes DCP’s annual auction, which is the school’s biggest fundraiser; the Internal Communications Committee produces our monthly newsletter and weekly email updates; the Family Activities Committee plans and organizes family-oriented social gatherings and parent education events; the Technology Committee helps maintain all the computer equipment, technology-based services and website.

To find out more and meet some of the parents with children at DCP, please contact us at 303-777-6867 or

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