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Social-Emotional Learning

What is social-emotional learning? The relatively new and evolving field of S.E.L. is examined at length by Jennifer Kahn in her New York Times article, Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught? Social-emotional learning is based on the premise that emotional skills and academic performance go hand in hand. Kahn tapped Marc Brackett, senior research scientist in psychology at Yale University.  According to Brackett, emotional skills

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Seeing Challenging Behavior in a New Light

For some parents, the time when their little baby turns 2 or 3 and begins to act his age is more terrifying than the thought of being trapped in a McDonald’s indoor Playland on a rainy Saturday afternoon. My youngest has me awed as I watch him navigate the ‘terrible’ twos and make his way into the ‘terrific’ threes, and I marvel that toddlers

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Misbehavior is a good thing!

Well, shocking as it may seem, we parents should actually be thankful for a little misbehavior from our children. Why? Because children are acquiring crucial skills and increasing their social awareness when they misbehave. Misbehavior serves these seven essential functions: The other beautiful thing about misbehavior is that children get to express developmentally-appropriate behavior in the safety of their homes, so that when they

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