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Misbehavior is a good thing!

Well, shocking as it may seem, we parents should actually be thankful for a little misbehavior from our children. Why? Because children are acquiring crucial skills and increasing their social awareness when they misbehave. Misbehavior serves these seven essential functions: The other beautiful thing about misbehavior is that children get to express developmentally-appropriate behavior in the safety of their homes, so that when they

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Questions from Parents to Preschool Teachers

Answered by our own Ms. Karen and Ms. Katie What are some important lessons that my child is learning in preschool this year? How can I support my child’s development this year? What skills do you expect the students to have by the end of the year? Taken from Colorado State Standards-Reading, Writing, Communicating; Mathematics, Science and Social Studies What activities can I do

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Preschool or Daycare?

Choosing a preschool is a difficult decision for many parents. The factors to consider can be overwhelming and finding the right fit for your child can be a challenge. However, with all of the choices available it IS possible to find a preschool that gives you and your child a fulfilling experience to build on for future growth. There are several factors to take

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